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Is Windows phone just one device away from glory?

From day one, I have loved the Windows phone, at least in concept. A welcome refresh from the icons and home screens, Windows Phone brought in a new paradigm to smartphone software. But it was obviously a version 1.0 and so it had a lot of missing parts here and there. But more importantly my work demanded that I use an Android so I couldn’t stick.

3 years after I used my first Windows Phone (HTC Mozart), and my second device (Lumia 800), I got my first Windows phone 8 device. A simple mid range Lumia 521. But the experience has been extremely positive. Moving from the high end Nexus 4, I didn’t feel any lag or slowness on this new device. In fact I felt the Lumia was much faster and premium compared to my Nexus 4, not just operationally, but functionally. The attention to detail on small things are amazing, the Operating System never came in the middle of my flow whenever I was trying

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How can I stop thinking.

People say ignorance is bliss. They also say we should enjoy the complete picture rather than analyzing every bit of it by breaking it down into smaller fragments.

For example

You should enjoy the coffee and sink into its taste, rather than analyzing how the coffee might have been made, or thinking about the way the beans were roasted crushed, or even grown. Because if you do that, you miss the taste of the coffee in the process.

I have (or had) a different take on things. I always wanted to understand things, happenings around me. Why they happen the way they happen. I generally have a thread or two running in my mind which tries to constantly analyze (and judge) things around me. I love to know the working of things, I believe in more machines and less humans, precisely because I can understand (if I want to), how a machine works.

I hate uncertainties, anomalies, entropy, chaos

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